Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another Rivendell Reader Sneak Peak

*Simple, Practical, and Proven Grunts and Gestures*

Og been thinking. Maybe walking upright too efficient. What big hurry anyway? No see ground. How going to find good bugs? Lately Og walk with knuckle on ground. See things better. No hurt leg. Make arm strong good for swinging club. Me like knuckle on ground.

Inside This Issue:
Opposable Thumb - Pros and Cons
MUSA Pelts for Keep Warm
I Invented Fire - by Gary Fisher
Bronze Age: Was It Necessary?
Ooh-Ooh, Aaahh, Errrr, Ooh!

and Our Regular Tech Feature: I'm Right and Your Wrong - by Jobst Brandt

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blipzandstripz said...

I was recently joking with a bike shop-owning friend of mine (Hiawatha Cyclery) about whether or not maybe some of the stuff in the Riv Reader was just slipped in there as an attempt to see what could be gotten away with. The recent "running up hills beside your bike" thing comes to mind...