Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Politics and Obama

I am often reluctant to bring up politics because some folks might decide not to business with me if they happen to disagree with my views. My friends in the bicycle industry are all over the map politically, and I support them all. I respect their views even when we differ. I would hope that most folks feel the same way.

In the coming presidential primaries, I am supporting Barack Obama. If you favor someone else, that's fine with me. In fact, if you get involved and do something, it's great even if your candidate is not my candidate. If you do happen to like Mr. Obama and would like to support his campaign, I've set up a fundraising page. You can learn about his views and contribute if you'd like. You can see the page here.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Nitto Pearl Stems in Stock

I also received a bunch of Pearl stems from Nitto. These are cold-forged masterpieces and maybe the most beautiful stems of all time. Here's the scoop:

Quill Diameter: 22.2 mm for 1" threaded steerers
Clamp Diameter: 26.0 mm
Extension Angle: 71-degrees
Available Extensions: 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 cm
Price: $65 each

Note: Because Nitto measures the extension length through the center of the extension rather than the top, their sizes wind up being a little smaller. So, a 8 cm Nitto stem will be the same length as an 8.7 cm stem measured as most other companies do. Generally, you can buy one size shorter than usual.

New Custom Nitto UI-2 Stems in Stock!

As I wrote earlier, I've got the new UI-2 stems in stock. Nitto usually builds these with a 71-degree angle, but I asked them to build this batch with a 90-degree angle for a more upright position. Here are the details:

Quill Diameter: 22.2 mm for 1" threaded steerers
Clamp Diameter: 26.0 mm
Extension Angle: 90-degrees
Available Extensions: 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 cm
Weight: 272-319g
Price: $55 each

Note: since these stems have a 90-degree extension angle, Nitto's method of measuring the extension length will give the same figure as other manufacturers.

As you can see below, the UI-2 will give you about 1 cm more vertical adjustability than the Salsa SUL stem. With the longer quill and the fact that the extension mounts slightly higher on the quill, the UI-2 will give a taller riding position than the Salsa.

The Nitto UI-2 logo on the extension is actually a decal. It removes easily for a cleaner look as seen below:

New Custom Nitto M12 Front Racks in Stock

I've got our new M12 racks from Nitto. The old version was customized for us to place a threaded light mount on the right side support stay. This new version has a second light mount on the left support stay. So, if your looking for a clean way to mount two headlights nice and low, this is it!

Since the support stays are not adjustable, I'm often asked if these racks will fit a specific fork. My experience shows that the lower stays are flexible enough to fit most fork widths and crown heights. I haven't found a cantilever-equipped fork that didn't fit, yet. So, unless you have something really unusual, it should fit.

Price: still a low, low $50!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nitto Stuff Is In!

I just received my long-awaited order from Nitto. I haven't even had the chance to unpack it all yet, but I wanted to check out the new UI-2 stems and get a few pics (quick, improperly lit, and without tripod).

The UI-2 is a TIG-welded cromoly stem with a two-bolt faceplate. "UI" stands for Ultimate Ideal, and, as it says on the box, these stems are "Light Weight, Heavy Duty, Finely Made." The Nitto UI-2 logo on the sides of the stem is actually a sticker. I'm going to remove one to see how that looks. I'll get pics when I can. The Nitto logo is also etched onto the faceplate.

These stems are for 1" threaded steerers. The clamp diameter is 26.0 mm. I have them with 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 cm extension. The extension angle is 90 degrees. Price is $55 each.

I'll get some better pictures tomorrow and include some of the Pearl stems and M12 racks I also received.