Monday, July 31, 2006

The Landis Doping Affair

I know that everyone wants to know what I, Todd Kuzma, think of the allegations of doping that have been made against Floyd Landis. The answer - I don't know. However, I do feel sorry for anyone who has been falsely accused. While you might be able to prove scientifically that someone was doping, you cannot prove that they were not. Once accused, there will always be suspicion. Plus, the accused always make the same arguments - their body naturally produces that substance, it was the result of some prescribed medication, there was an error in the test protocol, etc. So, when some actually is innocent, they sound like all the rest. How does the public know what to believe?

So, Floyd, if you are innocent, my thoughts are with you, bud. In any case, will you please call your mom? This has really upset her. Your parents are Mennonite, for crying out loud. They want to live a simple life yet they've been drawn into the spotlight. I know that you live the swinging lifestyle of the professional bicycle racer what with your beer and Jack Daniels, but they didn't want this. Call your mom.

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Anonymous said...

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