Friday, February 16, 2007

New Custom Nitto M12 Front Racks in Stock

I've got our new M12 racks from Nitto. The old version was customized for us to place a threaded light mount on the right side support stay. This new version has a second light mount on the left support stay. So, if your looking for a clean way to mount two headlights nice and low, this is it!

Since the support stays are not adjustable, I'm often asked if these racks will fit a specific fork. My experience shows that the lower stays are flexible enough to fit most fork widths and crown heights. I haven't found a cantilever-equipped fork that didn't fit, yet. So, unless you have something really unusual, it should fit.

Price: still a low, low $50!


Alex said...

This is a nice upgrade to an already great rack. I had wondered why some of my M12 racks had the light mount eyelet on the top shelf and some had it on the stays. It must be due to the source (Heron or Euro-Asia).

Todd Kuzma said...

Yes, the standard M12 rack has the single light mount under the right-side horizontal tube. That seems to be the version that most places sell. It's a little harder to mount the headlight in a way that clears both the bag and rack in this configuration.

So, I had Nitto make a special version for me with the light mount on the support stay (now on both stays). I don't know of anyone else with this version.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of getting an M12 and a small bag to go with it to mount on my cross bike. My cross bike wasn't designed for any kind of front load so I'm wondering if you think that this might adversely affect the handling. The only things I plan to carry is some extra food and clothing for all day type rides - nothing overnight.

Todd Kuzma said...

The mini-rack carries the load lower than a handlebar bag. Between the two, using the mini-rack would be more stable. It would be difficult to compare it to an unloaded front end since this would depend on your bike's front end geometry.

In any case, it doesn't sound like you intend to carry a heavy load. So, I don't think that you would have a problem.

Bike Dude said...

Do you have any pictures of this rack with lights mounted?


Todd Kuzma said...

Try this: