Monday, December 31, 2007

Remaining Heron Inventory

I'm often asked what Heron frames are left in stock. So, here is the complete list:

50 cm Road - Rockwell Red
50 cm Road - Primer
51 cm Touring - Shippingsport Silver
53 cm Wayfarer - Gooding Green
56 cm Rally - Rockwell Red
56 cm Rally - Primer

Frames that are painted can be shipped right away. Frames that are in primer can be painted any of the four stock Heron colors within several weeks. E-mail me at with any questions.


1 comment:

Rick Smith said...

I stumbled across your randonneuring set up (, though knew about Herons and you stopping production (and had even written earlier with questions about the Wayfarer frame).

This looks like a great set up at a great price - is there any way it is still available through Tullio's? I'm at