Monday, March 05, 2007

Nitto Stem Comparison

I've been asked about the quill length of the new Nitto UI-2 stems. It measures about 78 mm from the top of the quill to the minimum insertion line. This is slightly shorter than the quill of the Pearl stem, but since the UI-2s I received have a 90-degree extension, the clamp still winds up higher.

This photo shows the two stems side-by-side:

Here is the same view with a rod showing the height of the clamp of the UI-2 stem:

Another view shows the approximate installation angle:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's nice that Nitto decided to make a quill stem with a removable faceplate, but....
The UI-2 looks like it was just slapped together. Weld up a couple tubes, dab on a couple bolt mounts that's it. Bolts are all exposed, sticking out all over the place. It looks like a something made in a garage.
Much of Nitto's attraction is beauty, the polished neat look. Compare this to Pearl, Technomic, track, or especially their lugged stem.
Compare this to a 3T Motus. Hidden bolts, very precise fit. It looks like a piece of sculpture.
The UI-2 looks like a mountainbike prototype.
I still might try one though ;)