Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Best of Tullio's, Continued

Best Rear Derailleur - SunTour Superbe and Cyclone (first generation)

Best Americana-Roots-Country-Folk-Blues-Rock Band - The Band

Best Storytelling-Revival Preaching-Sideshow Hawking-Folk Singing-Earth Shaking-Rock and Roll Band - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (Somebody say "Amen!")

Best Concert Film - (tie) The Last Waltz (The Band, Martin Scorsese) and Stop Making Sense (Talking Heads, Jonathan Demme)


Greg said...

Uh, Todd. The Band = Canadian. But yes, they're great.

Todd Kuzma said...

"Americana," not "American" even though, technically, Canada is in North America (OK, it's weak). Plus, Levon Helm is definitely from the US of A even if the others are from the Great White North.

Anonymous said...

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